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MobyMax Bonanza Competition Winners!

Congratulations to third graders Masud R. (216) and Yemserach M.(216) for winning the math challenge in the online program MobyMax. With a combined 3,422 points, these students have completed more math problems than any other student in the school! The Goudy community celebrates their accomplishments and is proud to have such hardworking students!


Dear Goudy Community,

Please read the flyer below regarding threats to Chicago Public School budgets. If Springfield doesn't fulfill its obligation to fully fund public education in Chicago, your Goudy school has the potential to lose over half a million dollars (nearly 10% of our overall school budget) which will result in the layoffs of possibly 7 teachers. As you can imagine, this will devastate the wonderful learning environment we have all worked so hard to create for your children.

How can you help?

Please visit the website below to find out how you can make your voice heard in Springfield:

We need your help to secure our children's future.

Thank you,
Goudy School Staff

Take Action Flyer



Goudy Mission:

We, the stakeholders of Goudy Technology Academy, are committed to fostering a culture that focuses on respect, responsibility, and a sense of belonging in a safe and supportive environment for all students. Within our rigorous curriculum, we are implementing differentiated and data-driven instruction that contributes to the success of our students.  As a technology academy, we are striving to equip all students with technological capabilities that will promote academic growth and development.  We are committed to ensuring that all children including English Language Learners, students with disabilities, and the academically gifted, are afforded the opportunities to reach their full potential in preparation to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Goudy Vision:

Goudy Technology Academy, in collaboration with students, parents, and community members, embraces a culturally diverse, technologically advanced, and respectful learning environment. We envision technology and collaboration to be integrated throughout our curriculum and in every classroom to provide all students with the 21st century skills that will empower them to become successful leaders and productive citizens in our society.


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